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Key terms

List of key terms in the Employee Advisory Program (EAP)

Barred employee

An employee who is covered by a collective bargaining agreement except to the extent participation is provided under such agreement.

Care Manager

ComPsych Healthcare or its successor as designated by ExxonMobil Corporation.


A person under age 26 who is;

  • A naturally or legally adopted child of a regular or non-regular employee or retiree,
  • A grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, or other child related by blood or marriage over whom a regular or non-regular employee, retiree, or the spouse of a regular or non-regular employee or retiree (separately or together) is the sole court appointed legal guardian or sole managing conservator,
  • A child for whom the regular or non-regular employee or retiree has assumed a legal obligation for support immediately prior to the child's adoption by the regular or non-regular employee or retiree, or
  • A stepchild of a regular or non-regular employee or retiree.

Child does not include a foster child.

Eligible employees

Most U.S. dollar-paid employees of Exxon Mobil Corporation and participating affiliates are eligible. Full-time employees not hired on a temporary basis (also called regular employees) are eligible. Effective January 1, 2023 non-regular employees are also eligible.

The following are not eligible to participate in the Plan: employees of Station Operators, Inc. (SOI), leased employees as defined in the Internal Revenue Code, barred employees, or special agreement persons as defined in the plan document. Generally, special-agreement persons are persons paid by the company on a commission basis, persons working for an unaffiliated company that provides services to the company, and persons working for the company pursuant to a contract that excludes coverage of benefits.

Expatriate employee inbound to the United States including service-oriented employees employed by non-U.S., non-participating employers who are temporarily working in the United States are also eligible employees.

Eligible family members

Eligible family members are generally your:

  • Spouse,
  • A child who is described in any one of the following paragraphs (1) through (3):
  1. has not reached the end of the month during which age 26 is attained, or
  2. is totally and continuously disabled and incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental or physical disability, provided the child:
  3. a) meets the Internal Revenue Service's definition of a dependent, and

    b) was covered as an eligible family member under this Plan immediately prior to age 26 when the child's eligibility would have otherwise ceased, and

    c) met the clinical definition of totally and continuously disabled before age 26 and continues to meet the clinical definition through subsequent periodic reassessment reviews, or

  4. is recognized under a qualified medical child support order as having a right to coverage under this Plan.

A child aged 26 or over who was disabled but who no longer meets the requirements of paragraph two (2) above, ceases to be an eligible family member 60 days following the date on which the applicable requirement is not met.

Please note: An eligible employee's parents are not eligible to be covered.

Non-regular employee

“Non-regular employee” means an employee of a participating employer who does not regularly work a full-time schedule or is employed on a temporary basis.

Qualified Medical Child Support Order 

A Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) is a court decree under which a court order mandates health coverage for a child. A QMCSO must include, at a minimum:

  • Name and address of the employee covered by the health plan.
  • The name and address of each child for whom coverage is mandated.
  • A reasonable description for the coverage to be provided.
  • The time period of coverage.
  • The name of each health plan to which the order applies.

You may obtain, without charge, a copy of the Plan's procedures governing QMCSO determinations by written request to the Administrator-Benefits.

Regular employee

An employee of a participating employer, whether or not the person is a director, who, as determined by the participating employer, regularly works a full-time schedule, and is not employed on a temporary basis. The definition includes a person who regularly works a full-time schedule but who, for a limited period of time, is approved for a part-time regular work arrangement under the participating employer’s work rules relating to part-time work for regular employees.

Spouse; marriage

All references to marriage shall mean a marriage that is legally recognized under the laws of the state or other jurisdiction in which the marriage takes place, consistent with U.S. federal tax law. All references to a spouse or a married person shall refer to individuals who have such a marriage.

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