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The company offers various programs to our employees and retirees

Matching gift program 

Beyond ExxonMobil's contributions, employees, retirees and their families contribute their own time to charitable organizations. The ExxonMobil Foundation offers programs that allow our employees and retirees to maximize their charitable activities.

The ExxonMobil Foundation’s Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) is designed to encourage employees, retirees and other eligible participants to actively contribute their time and skills to charitable organizations, either individually or as a team, by providing grants to those organizations in association with time spent volunteering. The intent of the program is to encourage volunteerism through worthwhile and genuinely charitable activities in local communities near our operations with a focus on education, health and human services and the environment. A $500 grant is awarded to an eligible, charitable nonprofit organization after an individual volunteer or team of volunteers contributes at least 20 hours of their time to the organization during a calendar year. Requests must be submitted within 90 days of completing the volunteer activity.

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