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Eligible services under your plan

Eligible services under your plan under the EAP

You may call the service at any time, for any reason. Reasons for seeking assistance are as varied as the individuals calling. Some of the types of situations for which you may seek help include:

Counseling Services: Confidential, professional counseling for personal problems requiring limited intervention and referral services for more complicated problems. Up to 8 sessions per issue per year, which can be either virtual, in person or a combination of both.

Well-Being Coaching: Connecting with a personal coach for one-on-one sessions available virtually or by phone to cover a variety of issues, including tackling burnout and work-life balance, developing self-compassion and resiliency, improving sleep, and more.

Work/life support and services: Offers services for family care and personal convenience matters; including customized, timely referral information and educational literature. Participants can call an unlimited number of times regarding the same or different issues related to child and elder care, adoption, education, pet care, and personal convenience needs. Online access to information also available.

Legal: access to in-house legal department that can provide insightful coaching and guidance to address participants’ unique and challenging needs, such as bankruptcy, contracts, credit, estate planning, identity theft, real estate, wills, family/civil, and more. If necessary, participants can receive a referral to a local network attorneys for a free 30-minute initial meeting as well as a 25% reduction in fees for any services rendered thereafter.

Financial: access to in-house financial department. Covers broad range of issues, including credit issues, debt and bankruptcy, family budgeting, insurance options, investment options, money management, mortgages, loans, and refinancing. Personal finance professionals must have a college degree, professional certification, and financial planning experience. Helpful articles also available online.

For more extensive financial support, see the Financial Fitness Program.

Children with special needs – education and counseling: EAP includes online resources and licensed clinicians with expertise in children. It can assist caregivers with connecting them to providers who have specialties in parent/child relationships, family issues, learning disabilities, caregiver burnout, parental stress, and other relevant areas of expertise, as well as helping locate support groups. EAP also offers a wide range of articles, resource guides, online centers, and entire website sections focused on parenting, caregiving, special needs and gifted children, autism spectrum disorder, and other challenges.

Digital Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), through interactive digital program that addresses stress, depression, anxiety, substance use, mindfulness, insomnia, and more. This needs-based digital platform uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to address issues in a personalized and user-friendly fashion. Digital CBT is available via desktop, tablet, and mobile app, providing support and services whenever and wherever users need it most. Go to and on the main landing page, search for “Additional Tools & Resources” and click Digital Self-Care Tools tile so you can download the Koa Foundations app.

GuidanceResources Online: Access to an online portal which provides employees with instant guidance, information, and helpful tools to address life’s challenges. This site includes a comprehensive library of topics, including health, wellness, consumer, family, career, education, legal, and financial information as well as multimedia and interactive tools. Employees can also download the GuidanceNow app to their smartphones to browse articles and HelpSheets, search directories and use one-touch dialing to connect with local experts.

How to get the care you need

To get EAP assistance, check these options to get started:

Option 1: Call ComPsych

Dial 888-226-1420 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will reach a licensed, master’s-level intake clinician.

Intake and Assessment Process

Routine Intake: For routine calls, the intake clinician or GuidanceConsultant will:

  1. Complete an assessment of the caller’s situation and determine if there is an urgent need
  2. Explain the referral process and answer any questions about the service
  3. Refer the caller to a local GuidanceExpert

The member will then schedule online or virtual counseling appointments and follow-up visits with a GuidanceExpert, or the GuidanceConsultant can help to make the initial appointment at the caller’s request.

Urgent and Emergent Triage: When a caller presents with an emergency, our professionals engage the caller, implement crisis protocols, and provide emergency intervention with a local professional (such as a hospital, the police, or a GuidanceExpert) who will take further action, as appropriate.

Assessment and Counseling: Intake and assessment are generally completed during the first call and finalized during the first session with a GuidanceExpert. The remaining sessions are used to work toward resolving the presented issue.

During in-person or virtual counseling sessions, GuidanceExperts will:

  • Evaluate the individual’s situation and symptoms
  • Work with the individual to identify the primary issue and set achievable treatment goals
  • Determine an appropriate treatment plan

GuidanceExperts will typically evaluate individuals during the first and second sessions and treat them in the remaining ones. For individuals seeking help beyond the EAP (needing inpatient care, or longer term treatment), GuidanceExperts will help them engage with the ExxonMobil Medical Plan for the next phase of care.

Option 2: Find an EAP Provider

You may also select an EAP provider at Sign in with your user name and password. If you are registering for the first time, go to the Register tab and type exxonmobil under Organization Web ID and complete registration process. You can then locate a nearby counselor by clicking the “Find a Therapist with GuidanceConnect” button at the Connect to Care bar in the home page. Users can also search for a local attorney, financial expert, child care, and elder care providers under the Additional Tools and Resources section further down on the homepage.

Option 3: Connect to Care Online

Through the “Connect to Care” area on the homepage at, ComPsych also offers alternative methods of accessing support for those individuals who prefer the anonymity of the internet or are otherwise reluctant to call the toll-free number.

These access methods can include:

Sending a Question: Through the “Send a Question” option, users can send a confidential message to ComPsych requesting help for any emotional, mental, family, financial, legal, or other issue. The appropriate ComPsych expert will reply to the inquiry within one business day with a response sent via email to the user’s specific email account/mailbox or phone number.

Chatting with an Expert: Through the “Chat for a Referral” option, users can chat with our local intake clinicians, providing a quick and discreet way for users to receive referral information and services. Chat is conducted in real time, so individuals can receive immediate help. All chats with our intake clinicians are private, as ComPsych adheres to the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy standards.

Option 4: GuidanceResources Mobile App

GuidanceResources Online mobile app, GuidanceNowSM enables users to access all of the same great features as the website. Members can access program information and member resources, find local providers, and browse content on topics such as managing stress, financial planning, child care, elder care, and more. In addition to enabling one-click capability to reach our call center, via the ExxonMobil-dedicated phone number, users can also access mobile-specific features such as click-to-call (to dial a phone number) and location-based mapping.

You can search this SPD section by section or click here to create a single searchable document.