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Savings Plan

Summary Plan Description and Prospectus of the ExxonMobil Savings Plan as of June 2019

Refer to Summaries of Material Modification for subsequent changes

About the Savings Plan

This SPD is the summary plan description and prospectus for the ExxonMobil Savings Plan. It does not contain all the details. Use of the phrase "Savings Plan" throughout this document refers collectively to the ExxonMobil Savings Plan and its implementing ExxonMobil Savings Trust, except as otherwise noted. This SPD supersedes all previous Savings Plan participant publications. In determining specific benefits, the full Savings Plan provisions, as they exist now or in the future, always govern. Copies of Savings Plan documents are available for your review. The company reserves the right at any time to change in any way or terminate any benefit.


Applicability to represented employees is governed by collective bargaining agreements and any local bargaining requirements.

Information sources

When you need account information or want to make an account transaction, you have two options that are generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • The Savings Plan Internet Site ("Website") is located at
  • The toll free telephone number for the Savings Plan Telephone Service (STS) is 877- XOM-401K (966-4015). Non-U.S. residents call +1 904-791-2048.

In addition, Customer Service Associates are available for inquiries and transactions via the STS Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time, excluding New York Stock Exchange holidays.

ExxonMobil-sponsored sites

Access to plan-related information for employees, retirees, and their family members is also available on the following websites:

  • Employee Connect, the Human Resources Intranet site – Can be accessed by current employees.
  • Retiree Online Community Internet Site – Can be accessed from home by ExxonMobil retirees and survivors only (including Exxon and Mobil retirees and survivors) at
  • ExxonMobil Family – Can be accessed by employees, retirees, and their family members at


The company* sponsors the ExxonMobil Savings Plan to encourage long-term savings and help participants plan for their financial security in retirement.

The Savings Plan contains many features described in detail in this SPD. Keep this SPD for future reference (or access it online) to help you find specific information quickly and easily and make the most of the features available to you. The SPD includes these helpful tools:

  • Plan at a glance is a quick user's guide highlighting plan basics, with hyperlinks to more detailed discussions of certain important topics.
  • Charts and tables throughout the SPD provide information and highlights of plan provisions, including a summary chart on Savings Plan Account features.
  • Key terms contains definitions of many words and terms used in this SPD. If you see a term that is unfamiliar, refer to this section at the end of the SPD.

*References in this SPD to "the company" refer to Exxon Mobil Corporation and/or a participating affiliate, as the case may be.

Plan at a glance

Participating in the Savings Plan

Because there is no service requirement for regular employees, you are eligible to participate as soon as you join the company. See the section on Participating in the Savings Plan for more information.

Your contributions and the company match

You can save from 6% to 20% of your pay on a before-tax basis (subject to certain legal limits), an after-tax basis or a combination of both. You receive a company match of 7% of pay on the first 6% of pay you contribute via payroll deduction.

Investment options

You have a choice of seven investments with varying investment objectives and degrees of risk in which to invest your Savings Plan Account. See the section on Investment options for more information.

Investment considerations

It is important that you read this section on investment considerations before making your investment decisions.

Accessing your money

You may receive a dividend payment in cash for dividends on ExxonMobil stock held in the plan. You may borrow from the Savings Plan while you are still employed. In certain circumstances, you may withdraw money from your account. You (or your beneficiary) are eligible to receive a distribution from the Savings Plan upon your retirement, death or termination of employment. See the section on Accessing your money for more information.

Tax considerations

The tax rules are complex – it is important to seek advice from a tax professional before making a conversion, withdrawal, deferral or distribution decision. See the section on Tax considerations for more information.

Administrative and ERISA information

The Savings Plan is subject to rules of the federal government, including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Key terms

The Key Terms section contains an alphabetized list of key words and phrases, with their definitions, used in this SPD.

The Savings Plan website at and the Savings Plan Telephone Service (STS) at 877-966-4015 are available for account information and transactions.

You can search this SPD section by section or click here to create a single searchable document.