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Vision Plan

Summary plan description of the ExxonMobil Vision Plan as of January 2023

About the ExxonMobil Vision Plan

This guide is a summary of the rules for the ExxonMobil Vision Plan (the Plan).  This guide along with the Certificate of Coverage provided by United Health Care Insurance Company constitutes the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the Plan.  If you do not have a copy of the certificate, go to the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Vision website at This guide does not contain all the Plan details.  In determining your specific benefits, the full provisions of the formal documents, as they exist now or as they may exist in the future, always govern. Copies of these documents are available for your review. Exxon Mobil Corporation reserves the right to change benefits in any way or terminate any benefit at any time.

Effective January 1, 2023 Spectera is rebranded to UnitedHealthcare Vision.

The Plan is fully-funded.  An insurance company collects premiums and underwrites coverage. ExxonMobil is responsible for determining the rules of eligibility for the Plan. State laws that govern vision plans may affect some of the eligibility participation rules.  Please contact UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Vision for further assistance. About the participation rules in this booklet you can contact the ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center. See Information sources below.

Notice: The Plan is an excepted benefit under Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and is not minimum essential coverage.  Since it is not minimum essential coverage, you may not treat it as required coverage when filing your U.S. Federal Income Tax return.

Applicability to represented employees is governed by collective bargaining agreements and any local bargaining requirements.

Information sources

When you need information, you may contact:

United Healthcare Insurance Company (UHIC)

Issues the insurance policy for ExxonMobil Vision Plan

UnitedHealthcare Vision

Provides specialized assistance with respect to questions about the benefit features of the Plan, claims, appeals, and network providers.

UnitedHealthcare Vision
Customer Service Department
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. CT
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CT
(except certain holidays)

UnitedHealthcare Vision
Claims Department
P. O. Box 30978
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

ExxonMobil Vision Plan website:

The following is available on UnitedHealthcare Vision’s dedicated ExxonMobil Web site:

  • Benefit Summary - outlines the benefits available under the Plan
  • Certificate of Coverage - provides additional detailed information about the Plan
  • Provider Locator - search tool listing retail and private practice providers in UnitedHealthcare Eyecare Networks
  • Provider Nomination Form - to nominate your provider to participate in UnitedHealthcare Eyecare Networks
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Plan
  • Useful Links information to help you learn more about eye care

Benefits Administration

Provides specialized assistance by benefits counselors with respect to enrollment. References throughout this guide refer to the ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center. 

Phone Numbers/Hours and Addresses:
Employees and Retirees:
ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center
800-682-2847 (toll free)
800-TDD-TDD4 (833-8334) for hearing impaired 

Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT
(except certain holidays)

ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center
P.O. Box 18025
Norfolk, VA 23501-1867 

Effective January 2, 2024, Alight will be the new administrator of ExxonMobil’s health, life insurance, and pension plans. If you need assistance, please contact:

ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center
Phone: 833-776-9966
Hours: 8am – 4pm CST, Monday through Friday, except certain holidays
Your Total Rewards portal:

Alight Mobile app  (available through Apple App Store or Google Play)

Dept 02694, PO Box 64116, The Woodlands, TX, 77387-4116

ExxonMobil sponsored sites

Provide access to plan-related information, including claim forms.

  • Employee Connect, the Human Resources Intranet site — can be accessed at work by employees.
  • ExxonMobil Family, the Human Resources Internet site — can be accessed from home by everyone at
  • Retiree Online Community Internet site — can be accessed from home by ExxonMobil retirees and survivors only (including Exxon and Mobil retirees and survivors) at
  • ExxonMobil Benefits Portal— can be accessed from home by everyone at


The ExxonMobil Vision Plan (the Plan) encourages preventive eye care by offering coverage for comprehensive eye exams and allowances for lenses and frames or contact lenses in lieu of lenses and frames. The Plan offers you the opportunity to use optometrists and ophthalmologists who are part of UnitedHealthcare Eyecare Networks. You can generally reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while maximizing the Plan benefits by using this network. The Plan eligibility and enrollment rules are described in detail in this booklet.  For details on your benefits coverage, please see your Certificate of Coverage or contact UnitedHealthcare at 1-877-303-2415.

Plan at a glance


You may enroll yourself and your eligible family members within your first 60 days of employment or within 60 days of a subsequent change in status or at Annual Enrollment. See How to enroll for employees.

You may enroll yourself and your eligible family members within 60 days of your retirement. If you are not already enrolled as an employee and you do not enroll at this time, you will have limited opportunities to enroll at a later date. See How to enroll for retirees.

United Healthcare Eyecare Networks

You can visit any provider, but you save when you choose a provider who participates in the United Healthcare Eyecare Networks.

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act 1985 (COBRA)

You and your family members who lose eligibility may continue vision coverage for a limited time under certain circumstances. See Continuation coverage

Administrative and ERISA Information 

This Plan is subject to rules of the federal government, including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA), not state insurance laws. See Administrative and ERISA information.

Key terms 

This is an alphabetized list of words and phrases, with their definitions, used in this Information Booklet. See Key terms.

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