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POS II A and POS II B Options

Summary plan description of the ExxonMobil Medical Plan (for Employees) – Aetna POS II A and POS II B options as of January 2022

About the Medical Plan

This summary plan description (SPD) summarizes the ExxonMobil Medical Plan (the Plan) Aetna Point of Service POS II A and B options. It does not contain all Plan details. In determining your specific benefits, the full provisions of the formal plan documents, as they exist now or as they may exist in the future, always govern. You may obtain copies of these documents by making a written request to the Administrator-Benefits. ExxonMobil reserves the right to change benefits in any way or terminate the Plan at any time.  These options are governed by federal laws, not by state insurance laws.

Both Aetna POS II options are self-funded. There is no insurance company to collect premiums or underwrite coverage. Instead, contributions from you and ExxonMobil pay all benefits. Prior claims experience and forecasted expenses are used to determine the amount of money needed to pay future benefits. 

Applicability to represented employees is governed by collective bargaining agreements and any local bargaining requirements.

Please read it carefully and refer to it when you need information about how the Plan works, to determine what to do in an emergency situation, and to find out how to handle service issues. It is also an excellent source for learning about many of the special programs available to you as a plan participant.

If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) in the booklet, call the Member Services toll-free number on your ID card. For more information, go to the Member Services section.

Tips for new plan participants

  • Keep this guide where you can easily refer to it.
  • Keep your ID card(s) in your wallet.
  • Emergencies are covered anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day. See In case of medical emergency for emergency care guidelines.

You can search this SPD section by section or click here to create a single searchable document.