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Contributory group life insurance plan

Contributory group life insurance plan for the Family Adjustment, Family Income and Contributory Group Life Insurance Plans

This plan provides additional amounts of life insurance. To be eligible for this coverage you had to be enrolled in the plan at the time of your retirement.

To whom paid

You name a beneficiary. You may change your beneficiary at any time.

Coverage and cost to you

Your cost for this coverage is based on age at a monthly rate per $1,000 of coverage, as follows:

Age Rate
Under 30 $ 0.02
30-34 $ 0.03
35-39 $ 0.04
40-44 $ 0.05
45-49 $ 0.07
50-54 $ 0.12
55-59 $ 0.25
60-64 $ 0.48
65-69 $ 0.96

This rate reflects the maximum schedule of insurance. You may also choose one half or one quarter of the maximum coverage. This will reduce your cost accordingly.

You may change or discontinue coverage at any time. Once you cancel coverage, you will not be able to re-enroll. If you increase coverage, you must show evidence of good health. You may also change your beneficiary at any time.

Maximum schedule

Maximum coverage is your final annual ExxonMobil pay at the time of your retirement multiplied by a factor that varies according to your age. The amount shown for each age in the following table takes effect on the first day of the month in which you reach that age. Coverage ends at age 70 for retirees.

Age Multiple of Final ExxonMobil Pay Age Multiple of Final ExxonMobil Pay
25 and under 7.5 48 2.9
26 7.3 49 2.7
27 7.1 50 2.5
28 6.9 51 2.3
29 6.7 52 2.15
30 6.5 53 2.0
31 6.3 54 1.85
32 6.1 55 1.7
33 5.9 56 1.6
34 5.7 57 1.5
35 5.6 58 1.4
36 5.4 59 1.3
37 5.3 60 1.2
38 5.2 61 1.1
39 5.1 62 1.0
40 5.0 63 0.9
41 4.9 64 0.75
42 4.8 65 0.7
43 4.4 66 0.65
44 3.9 67 0.6
45 3.5 68 0.56
46 3.3 69 0.52
47 3.1 70 0.00

How paid

The plan ordinarily pays the benefit in a lump sum.

Changing coverage

You may discontinue or change your coverage at any time. Once you cancel coverage, you will not be able to re-enroll. If you select a lower amount of coverage, the change takes place as soon as administratively possible. If you select a higher amount, you must provide evidence of good health. Your higher coverage takes effect when your application is approved.

Coverage after retirement with retiree status

A retiree is generally one who retires with 15 or more years of benefit service and is at least 55 years old. Such a person is said to have attained retiree status. Retiree status is also given to those who terminate with 15 or more years of benefit service and who are entitled to long-term disability benefits under the ExxonMobil Disability Plan, regardless of age.  When you become a retiree, your protection automatically continues under the Family Adjustment and Family Income Coverage.

Family Adjustment Coverage

As with employees, the benefit for retirees begins to decrease when you reach age 65 and continues to do so until age 73 years and three months. At that time, the benefit reaches 50 percent of your final annualized ExxonMobil monthly benefit pay and remains at that level.

Family Income Coverage

While Family Income Coverage continues into retirement, there are some differences if you die as a retiree:

  • Family Income payments do not start until five years after the date of retirement.
  • If you die during the first 60 months that your pension is payable, Family Income Coverage payments will be reduced to take into account the amount of the ExxonMobil Normal Pension payable for that period.
  • In addition to the other conditions necessary to be a preference spouse (see Preference relatives), you and your spouse must have been married before you retired and remained married to each other continuously since retirement.

Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan

If you are a retiree and are participating in the Contributory Group Life Insurance Plan, you can continue coverage until age 70. Your pay at retirement determined your coverage and your cost.

Coverage after termination without retiree status

If you terminate without retiree status, your Family Adjustment Death Benefit and Family Income Death Benefit coverage end as soon as you leave ExxonMobil. Family Adjustment Insurance and Family Income Insurance continue for 31 days after your last day on the job and can be converted to an individual policy within 31 days.

Conversion options

To convert Family Adjustment Insurance and/or Family Income Insurance to an individual policy without a medical examination, you must apply within 31 days of termination and pay the premiums for the coverage appropriate for your age at the time of conversion. The policy will be a permanent form of insurance.

The conversion privilege does not apply to the Family Adjustment Death Benefit or the Family Income Death Benefit.

You can search this SPD section by section or click here to create a single searchable document.