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Participating in the Savings Plan

Learn more about participating in the ExxonMobil Savings Plan 

Q. When can I participate in the Savings Plan?

A. In general, you are eligible to participate upon employment and at any time while employed. If you are a non-regular employee, you must complete one year of service before you can enroll and begin contributing. Participation in the Savings Plan is completely voluntary.


Most U.S. dollar-paid employees of Exxon Mobil Corporation and participating affiliates are eligible for this plan. See the definition of Eligible Employee in the Key terms section.


Your participation in the Savings Plan will start on the first day of the pay period after you complete the enrollment process. An enrollment package will be sent to you when you are first eligible to participate.

Beneficiary designation

Default Beneficiary Designation

A beneficiary is the person or persons who will receive your account in the event of your death. If you have not named a beneficiary and you die while you are a participant, your Savings Plan Account will be paid to the first of the following who survive you, according to the default beneficiary designation:

  • Your spouse.
  • Your children and the children of a child who died before you.
  • Your parents.
  • Your brothers, sisters and the children of a brother or sister who died before you.
  • The executors or administrators of your estate.

For purposes of the default beneficiary designation, your child, parent, brother or sister includes only someone who is your legitimate blood relative or whose relationship with you is established by virtue of legal adoption.

Special Beneficiary Designation

If the standard beneficiary list does not meet your needs, you may name a beneficiary to receive your plan benefits. If you marry, any prior beneficiary designation will be canceled. If you are married and want to name a beneficiary other than your spouse, your spouse must agree to that designation in writing. If your spouse does not consent, the above standard beneficiary designation will apply.

To name a different beneficiary, use  Employee Direct Access or EDA available on Employee Connect, the Human Resources intranet site.  Also, beneficiary designation forms and instructions are available on the Savings Plan website at For retirees, this information is available on the ExxonMobil Benefits Service Center website at

If you are a retiree, die before your entire account is distributed, and your surviving spouse is your beneficiary, he or she assumes the account and will have an opportunity to designate a beneficiary. If a surviving spouse beneficiary has not named a beneficiary and dies before the entire account is distributed, the account will be paid to his or her estate.

Certain SeaRiver Maritime and Former Fuels Marketing Savings Plan Participants

For participants from these organizations, additional protection for surviving spouses may apply to a portion of your Savings Plan Account if you do not name your spouse as your primary beneficiary.

Management of the Savings Plan

The Savings Plan Trustee (a group of individual trustees employed by the company), the Administrator-Finance, the Administrator-Accounting, and the Administrator-Benefits are responsible for the management of the Savings Plan.

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