What’s New for 2024

The following changes will be effective January 1, 2024.

All medical plan options (Aetna POS II A/B, Aetna Select and Cigna OAPIN)

  • Coverage Levels: There will be increases to some copays, coinsurance and deductibles. See details in the Medical Plan Spotlight section.
  • Your Contributions: Your monthly medical contributions will change up to $38 a month, depending on the plan option you enroll in and who you cover. See the updated amounts in the 2024 Plan Rates section.
  • Hearing Aids: The cost of physician-prescribed hearing aids will be covered up to $2,500 every 3 years. If you’re in the Aetna POS II A or B option, you first need to meet the deductible, and you’ll be eligible for this benefit every 3 years instead of 5. If you’re in Aetna Select or Cigna OAPIN, this coverage is new for you.
  • Habilitative Services & Autism Therapy: Habilitative services and autism physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT) and speech therapy (ST) will have a coinsurance cost share regardless of where you receive care.
  • Travel and Lodging: Consistent with IRS standards, the plan will cover $50 a day for one person (or $100 a day for two people) for your existing travel and lodging benefit. To receive this benefit, you must go to approved facilities more than 100 miles from your home. This coverage also applies to living donor expenses ($50 per person per day, from time of travel up to 30 days past discharge if complications arise).
  • Fertility: Egg and sperm freezing and storage will continue to be covered. However, going forward, it must be considered medically necessary. As a reminder, dependent children are not eligible for fertility treatment services.

Only Aetna POS II A/ B and Aetna Select options

  • No-Cost Virtual Visits: If you use a CVS MinuteClinic for a virtual visit, there will be no cost. This change gives you one more affordable, convenient way to receive care.
  • Chiropractic Visits: The plan will cover up to 20 visits or $1,000 of chiropractic visit services, whichever you reach first.
  • Non-Network Care (only for Aetna POS II A/B options): There will be another reason for you to use network providers as often as you can. To follow market standards, the plan will reimburse facilities and providers at a lower rate if you voluntarily receive care at a non-network facility or from a non-network provider. As a result, you might be asked to pay the extra cost that’s not reimbursed by the plan. The reimbursement for these voluntary, non-network claims will be updated to 170% (for facility claims) and 150% (for professional claims) of the Medicare Fee Schedule (MFS) amount (which is the basis for how your reimbursement is calculated).
  • Vision Therapy (only for Aetna POS II A/B options): The plan will cover up to 12 medically necessary orthoptic vision therapy visits each calendar year to treat convergence insufficiency in accordance with Aetna’s Clinical Policy Bulletin. If you need more therapy, you can request more visits and your request will go through a medical review. If you’re currently receiving this type of therapy, contact Aetna for more details.
  • Sexual Dysfunction Treatment (only for Aetna Select option): Sexual dysfunction drugs will no longer be covered, consistent with other plan options.
  • Gene Therapy Benefit: Specific approved therapies will be covered only at certain Aetna in-network facilities, subject to medical necessity review and prior authorization.
  • Specialty Medication: For any specialty medication you’re prescribed on January 1, 2024, or later, there will be a new review process—called the Specialty Adherence Program through Express Scripts—to make sure the medication is right for you and that these high-cost drugs are managed consistently and effectively. If you meet clinical requirements and continue to need the medication, you can fill the prescription every 90 days.
  • Standard Concurrency Rules: We will adopt standard code concurrency rules. If you go to network providers, you will not be impacted. However, you may pay more for a second service during the same visit if you go to a non-network provider as the plan will cover 50% of the allowed amount for that second (non-preventive) service.
  • Surgical Services (only for Aetna POS II A/B options): We will apply deductible and coinsurance for all surgical services regardless of where those services are received (in a facility or a physician’s office). Copays will no longer apply.
  • Claims Filing Within 12 Months (only for Aetna Select option): You will have 12 months from date of service to file claims for eligible services, consistent with Aetna POS II A/B options.

Only Cigna OAPIN option

  • Chiropractic Visits & Other Therapies: You currently have a 60-visit limit for chiropractic care and other therapies. Starting in 2024, the visit limits will be by therapy: chiropractic visits (20), cardiac visits (36), cognitive/pulmonary visits (60) and physical/occupational visits (60).
  • Specialty Drug Infusion Location: If you receive infusions of certain specialty prescription drugs, you will need to receive them at a facility designated within Cigna’s Pathwell Specialty Rx program (instead of at any in-network facility). This change helps manage these high-cost drugs consistently and effectively.
  • Gene Therapy Benefit: Specific approved therapies will be covered only at certain Cigna in-network facilities, subject to medical necessity review and prior authorization.
  • Your Contributions: Your monthly dental contributions will increase between $2 and $6 a month, based on which class of coverage you choose. See the updated amounts on 2024 Plan Rates.
  • Fluoride: Following American Dental Association recommendations, up to 2 fluoride treatments per calendar year will be covered for dependent children up to age 16 only. Adults will no longer be covered for this treatment.
  • Debridement: This service will only be offered once per lifetime, in alignment with market, as it is expected to bring the patient back to a healthy dental status.
  • Claims Filing Within 12 Months: You will have 12 months from date of service to file claims for eligible services.
  • Administrator Name Change: The current FSA administrator, PayFlex/Millennium Trust, will be re-branded to Inspira Financial in 2024. They will continue to provide the same services to support your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and contact info (email address and phone numbers) will remain as is until further notice.
  • Unused Funds: If you have money left in your Health Care FSA at the end of 2023, you may roll over up to $610 into 2024. Any unused funds in your Dependent Care FSA at the end of 2023 will not roll over to the 2024 plan year.
  • Contribution Limits: You can elect to contribute up to $3,050 into your Health Care FSA for 2024. The annual maximum for the Dependent Care FSA is $5,000 (unless you are married and file separate tax returns, and then the maximum is $2,500).
  • November and December: Starting on November 1, 2023, during the months of November and December of a given calendar year, you will not be permitted to elect or increase coverage in Health Care and Dependent Care FSAs for the remainder of that calendar year

Your Total Rewards portal will have many of the same features of our current one. In addition, it will give us the opportunity to transition to market best practices including:

  • More Coverage Tiers: For medical, dental and vision coverage, you will be able to choose from four levels instead of three: participant only, participant + spouse, participant + child/ren or family.
  • Digital ID Cards: Instead of receiving printed ID cards for the medical, dental and vision plans in the mail, they will be available on each plan’s website and apps so you can view them on your phone. You can download them and easily save, share, print or email them directly to providers. You can also request a physical version any time via customer service, as well as through the Aetna, Cigna, Express Scripts or UHC Vision app or member website.
  • Wolverine Employee Access: You will have access to the new Your Total Rewards portal.
  • Premium Deductions: Health plan premiums will be deducted in every paycheck based on your payroll frequency (in lieu of paying your health plans premiums in the first 2 paychecks of each month).
  • Leave of Absence Contributions: If you take a leave of absence (LOA), you will pay your health plan contributions post-tax through direct debit (automatically taken from bank account) or direct bill (to be paid by check or credit card). That’s because you will not be receiving your regular paychecks while you’re on a leave. On the first day of the pay period available after you return to work, you will start paying your contributions through pre-tax deductions once more. If your health plan coverage was cancelled during your LOA because you did not pay the contributions, you can make new benefit elections after you return to work—whether you return in the same or the following calendar year.
  • Returning Expat Coverage: If you’re an expat returning from expatriate assignment, you will have the opportunity to make benefits elections. If you do not actively enroll, you will automatically be enrolled in the Aetna POS II A medical plan option, the dental plan if you were enrolled in the dental coverage of the ExxonMobil International Medical and Dental Plan and the FSA contribution amounts you elected. You will need to actively enroll in the vision plan. If you return in a different calendar year than when your expat assignment started, you can start contributing or increase your Health Care FSA contributions.

How Long You Have to Make Changes: If you have a change in status, the current window for making any benefits changes (like adding your baby to your coverage) is 60 days. Starting in 2024 the window will be within:

  • 30 days for most changes in status—e.g., if you are a new hire; get married; add a child through birth, adoption or placement for adoption; gain or lose coverage through another employer (or your covered dependent does); change your worksite or residence that affects your eligibility for the medical plan option you’re in; lose Medicare eligibility; retire; or have a change in your dependent care arrangement (it’s also 30 days if your dependent dies).
  • 60 days (no change) if you get a divorce; or if you, your spouse or your covered dependent gains or loses eligibility for Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage.

Starting January 1, 2024 your health plan changes will take effect on the day of the event. However, your dependent children will stay on your health plans coverage through the end of the month they turn age 26, and your coverage will be through the end of the month in case your employment with the company ends (either through resignation, retirement or termination). Deductions will be updated in the pay period following or coincident with the event date.

Important! If you experience certain changes in status in your life in 2023—such as getting married or having a baby—during the periods described in the chart below, please review the steps you need to take to ensure your changes are appropriately updated.

How to make changes to health coverage for 2023 and 2024

If you submit your change at this  time

Take these actions

1 Enter the change in status and make 2023 changes in the current ExxonMobil Benefits portal.

2 Enter the change in status and make 2024 elections in the new Your Total Rewards portal.

Important Note:

You should ensure that you make updates in both the ExxonMobil Benefits portal AND the new Your Total Rewards portal.

2 Contact a benefits representative at 833-776-9966 to enter your change in status and update your 2024 elections in the new Your Total Rewards portal.

Important Note:

You should ensure that you make updates in both the ExxonMobil Benefits portal AND by contacting a benefits representative at (833-776-9966).


You add your new baby to your coverage through the ExxonMobil Benefits portal on 10/2 (before AE) or on 11/3 (during AE). You must add your child to your 2024 coverage during the Annual Enrollment window in the Your Total Rewards portal.

You add your new baby to your coverage through the ExxonMobil Benefits portal on 11/20 (after AE). You must call a benefits representative (833-776-9966) to add your child to your 2024 coverage within the allowed change in status window.

Changes in status submitted before September 18 will be automatically reflected in the new Your Total Rewards portal.


This annual enrollment material is a supplement to the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for the ExxonMobil Medical Plan, ExxonMobil Dental Plan, ExxonMobil Vision Plan and ExxonMobil Pre-Tax Spending Plan. It is a summary of all material modifications that are effective January 1, 2024, and should be retained with your SPDs.