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Changing your coverage

Changing your coverage on the Retiree Medical Plan - Aetna Select option

Other situations that may affect your coverage

Change in coverage costs or significant curtailment

If the cost for coverage charged to you significantly increases or decreases during a plan year, you may be able to make a corresponding prospective change in your election, including the cancellation of your election. If you choose to cancel your elected coverage option, you may be able to elect coverage under another Plan option. This provision also applies to a significant increase in health care deductible or copayment.

If the cost for coverage under your spouse's medical plan significantly increases or there is a significant curtailment of coverage that permits revocation of coverage during a plan year and you drop that coverage, you will be able to sign up for medical coverage for yourself and your eligible family members.

Transfer or change residence

If you move from one location to another, and the move makes you no longer eligible for the selected Retiree Medical Plan option (e.g., move out of the Aetna Select service area), you may change from your current Plan option to one that is available in your new location.

Addition or improvement of plan options

If a new Retiree Medical Plan option is added or if benefits under an existing option are significantly improved during a plan year, you may be able to cancel your current election in order to make an election for coverage under the new or improved option.

Loss of option

If a service area under the plan is discontinued, you will be able to elect either to receive coverage under another plan option providing similar coverage or to drop medical coverage altogether if no similar option is available. For example, if an option is discontinued, you may elect another option that has service in your area or you may elect to participate in the POS II options.  You may also discontinue medical coverage altogether. 

If a covered family member lives away from home

Coverage depends on whether the plan option you are enrolled in as a retiree offers service in the area where you live. If your covered family member does not live with you (for instance, you have a child away at school), please contact Aetna Member Services to confirm whether service is available where your family member lives. (See service area in Key terms.)

If you or your covered spouse become eligible for Medicare

If you are a retiree, you and your family members who are not eligible for Medicare participate in the Retiree Medical Plan. When you (as a retiree) or a covered spouse of a retiree becomes eligible for Medicare as your primary plan, you or your spouse will no longer be eligible for the POS II, Aetna Select and Cigna OAPIN options in the Retiree Medical Plan, but you or your spouse may be eligible to enroll in the Medicare Primary Option (MPO). If you fail to enroll in the MPO when first eligible, then you will not be able to enroll at a later time without proof of having other employer provided medical coverage immediately prior to enrollment. 

If you die

If you die while enrolled, your covered eligible family members can continue coverage through the Retiree Medical Plan. Eligibility continues for your spouse until your spouse remarries, or becomes eligible for Medicare.  Upon eligibility for Medicare as their primary plan, your spouse can continue coverage through the Medicare Primary Option.

Children of deceased retirees may continue participation as long as they are an eligible family member and are not eligible to be enrolled in Medicare as their primary medical plan. If your surviving spouse remarries, eligibility for your stepchildren also ends. Special rules may apply to family members of individuals who become retirees due to disability. See Suspended Retiree below.

If you become a suspended retiree

If you are a retiree and you would otherwise lose coverage because you have become a suspended retiree under the ExxonMobil Disability Plan, you may continue coverage for yourself and all your family members who were eligible for Medical Plan participation before you became a suspended retiree for either 12 or 18 months.

Coverage continues for 12 months from the date coverage would otherwise end if you received transition benefits under the ExxonMobil Disability Plan.

However, if you did not receive transition benefits under the ExxonMobil Disability Plan, coverage continues for 18 months from the date coverage would otherwise end. The cost of this continued coverage is 102% of the combined participant and company contributions.

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