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Member Services

Member Services information for the ExxonMobil Employee Medical Plan - Aetna Select option

Member Services department

Customer service representatives (CSRs) are trained to answer your questions and to assist you in using the Plan properly and efficiently.

Call the Member Services toll-free number on your ID card to:

  • Ask questions about benefits, referrals and coverage,
  • Change your PCP, or
  • Notify Aetna about an emergency.

Please call your PCP’s office directly with questions about appointments, hours of service, referrals or medical matters.

Also, you must notify Benefits Administration of changes that might affect your eligibility and enrollment status, such as changes in your name or telephone number.

Internet access

You can access Aetna on the internet at to conduct business with the Member Services department electronically.

When you visit the Member Services site, you can:

  • Find answers to common questions,
  • Change your PCP,
  • Order a new ID card, or
  • Contact the Member Services department with questions.

Please be sure to include your ID number and e-mail address. 


You can search this SPD section by section or click here  to create a single searchable document.